It's Official!  I finished the 2019 Boston Marathon !!

Thanks to my supporters who helped me achieve my dream of running the 2019 Boston Marathon,
and raising over $6,000 for Jeff's Place!

The Finish:




Running the 2019 Boston Marathon with Team Framingham!


Thank you for visiting my Boston Marathon fundraising page.  I am extremely excited to have been a runner in the 2019 Boston Marathon with Team Framingham as well as being in a position to help an amazing organization like Jeff’s Place!  

Whenever I hear of a tragedy that strikes a family I always wish there was something I could do to help ease a family’s pain.  Jeff’s Place counsels children and gives them hope after losing a parent or sibling. They were my first choice going into our first team meeting and was the only choice after meeting a young boy that lost his father 4 years ago.  I could see in his eyes he still dearly missed his Dad but also was so happy to share his experience with Jeff’s Place.  He told me about how much it meant to him to be around others that had lost loved ones also and working together along with Jeff’s Place volunteers to grieve and to give hope for the future.

I grew up walking down to the marathon every year from my Noni and Nono’s house, handing out oranges to runners and always dreaming of running someday.  I am honored to run those famous 26.2 miles alongside my Team Framingham runners for Jeff’s Place!  I’ll also be running for my family that will be cheering me on Marathon Monday and for those that I’m sure will be there looking down from above. 

If you would like to continue to support me and Jeff's Place (it's never too late!) ... please go to my pledge page here!  

Thank you!


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